Kutsu Helsingin skållegoille Etelä-Afrikkaan


Ne yritykset, jotka ovat kiinnostuneista Afrikan matkailusta, on tilaisuus osallistua matkailukonferenssiin Etelä-Afrikassa heinäkuun lopussa. Ohjeet alla.

Virallinen kutsu ohjeineen alla:

Special offer to join “This is Africa” event in Johannesburg, South Africa 


We are delighted to offer you, as a member of Skål International Helsinki Club a discounted registration for the must-attend Africa World Tourism Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa on 22nd July - 26th July 2019.


This event is hosted by Africa Tourism Association (ATA), in partnership with South Africa Tourism, and will attract African leaders, international investors, industry stakeholders, and travel professionals. This year the focus is on the opportunities tourism can bring to African economies - how tourism can spur economic growth and job creation across the continent. It will also highlight the innovative business models, new technologies and strategic partnerships growing the sector, and recognise the countries and businesses leading the way in sustainable tourism. 

We have a special program aimed for tour operators and travel agents, offering capacity building, multiple opportunities to experience South African tours and hospitality, meet and network with key people, liaise with media and gain vital insight on how to sell Africa to your clients. 

You can view the whole conference program here: https://www.worldtoafrica.org/program.html

In less than 15 years Africa’s travel and hospitality sectors have quadrupled in size, and according to the World Tourism Organization, Africa remains one of the world’s fastest-growing tourist destinations, second only to Southeast Asia. The sector’s growth presents enormous opportunities provided it is managed sustainably. 

Come and join us to experience different African destinations and grow your travel services and packages. 

Please use this code PEATA to register here (https://register.worldtoafrica.org/web/event/world-tourism-conference-2138734224) with a discounted rate!