Skål Norden (Area Committee Norden, ACN)

Skål International Norden covers the area of the Nordic countries and the Baltic states. Area Committee Norden has the following clubs:

  • Denmark: Copenhagen
  • Finland: Helsinki and Turku
  • Norway: Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger
  • Sweden: Gothenburg and Stockholm
  • Estonia: Tallinn
  • Latvia: Riga

Presidency over Skål Norden is for 2-year period. Currently the President of Norden is Mr. Kari Halonen (2015-2017) and Secretary is Ms. Enna Paavola from Finland.

  • Kari Halonen, kari.halonen(at)
  • Enna Paavola, enna.paavola(at)


Find us from the Social media:

  • Facebook: Skål Norden
  • LinkedIn: Skål Norden


Skål Norden Events:

30.10.2015   Meeting at the World Congress in Torremolinos

30.11.2015   GLBT Seminar in Helsinki

21.1.2016 - 22.1.2016  Skål International stand at Matka2016 travel fair

22.1.2016     Matka2016, IT-Technocoly Seminar together with IFITT

13.5 - 15.5.2016 Stockholm Travel Show

19.5. - 21.5.2017 ACN Congress, Turku, Finland