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SKÅL International Turku ry was founded 15th of June 1973 as club number 377.

The members represent major hotels, travel agencies, transport services etc. in Turku and it's surronding area. The club membership is valued and the number of members is growing steadily.

Club activities are planned according to the liking and hopes of the members. A separate activities calendar is released every year.

Skål International Turku celebrated it's 35th anniversiry during year 2008 . In January 2009 it submitted a bid book for Skål International World Congress 2011 and won Dubai! The 72nd Skål International World Congress was held in September 2011 in Turku, Finland (see more)

If you are working within travel and tourism industry and would like to join a club of outgoing people with similar industry background don't hesitate to contact us!



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